What It's Like To Blast Through Traffic From The Front Seat Of A Cop Car

From Ross Howey– ride shotgun in a new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor running code 3 (lights and sirens) en route to gun-related incident. Feel the power as the horn parts traffic like Moses spread the sea. Well, most of the time.

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Ride-Along in a new Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

Ride-along with the police through the miracle of GoPro as they respond lights and sirens to a gun call in a brand new Ford Police Interceptor.

Those with careful ears will notice an absence of the iconic 4.6L V8 from the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors of the past. Rather, all that one can hear in this is the soft purr of the V6 in the new Ford Police Interceptor, based on the current Taurus. That said, the pickup does seem to be quicker than the lumbering, body-on-frame CVPI.

As always, this video offers some great examples, of terrible drivers.

Video Credit: flyer116

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